Phulme Majhi – Building a collective strength towards equality 05,Apr, Anisha. There also exists a regional imbalance in terms of spread of literacy. Oxfam India working to remove roadblocks in education of Dalit children in Uttar Pradesh 03,Apr, oxfamadmin. For a nation like ours that has been primarily agrarian and then speckled with manufacturing through the late 80s and 90s, literacy has been a means to an end. A series of RTIs filed by journalist Siddheshwar Shukla has revealed that during the past three years, the majority of mid-day meals being served to the Side by side the right of equality of opportunities to all is also provided.

Balancing expectations, learning lessons 04,Mar, oxfamadmin. Want to share anything with us? The most advanced nations are the most literate, well at least at their peak they are, even thought they may have fallen behind to number 64 int he world wide ranking for math aptitude! Illiteracy in India is more or less concerned with different forms of disparities that exist in the country. Literacy rates stood at

This Assam village had not seen a flood in decades 03,Aug, oxfamadmin.

essay on three effective measures to eradicate illiteracy in india

Essay on three effective measures to eradicate illiteracy in india. Teeja fought for her land, Oxfam India helped her become a leader 10,Jun, oxfamadmin. Low on food in Assam, uncertain of the future 08,Aug, oxfamadmin. Bihar, Jharkhand and Indoa Pradesh are amongst the bottom five states in terms of literacy of Dalits.

These measures have started showing resultsof late and the literacy rate of India has slowly started to climb. Of the total illiterate people in India, more than fhree fifths are found in these region.


Essays for IBPS PO VII : Illiteracy in India- A Bane to Society

Let me make the case for literacy in the information age. A person life is meaningless without education. Build resilience of vulnerable communities on this National Disaster Risk Reduction day 29,Oct, oxfamadmin. Cash scheme by Oxfam helped families after Kashmir floods; Nepal could be next 01,Jun, oxfamadmin.

essay on three effective measures to eradicate illiteracy in india

Monsoon preview in Kathmandu blows away shelters in relief camp 25,May, oxfamadmin. Adoption of Agenda Secondary School Social sciences 5 points. The teaching staff that is employed across the government-run schools is inefficient and unqualified.

Healthcare for all in India: Illiteracy is a scar in our national life. Every issue that our society faces is like a link of a chain. Political and some other priorities in Nepal as of 28 April 30,Apr, oxfamadmin.

The biggest effect of illiteracy in India is poverty. Hard work is efcective key to success: It is hard to believe that a country that had the first university of the world, now lies amongst the most illiterate number of people. In fact, it is exactly what I had planned for. A major aspect that is slowly ruining the state of education is the commercialization of education both at the elementary and at the higher education levels.

Essay on Illiteracy in India ( Words)

The chicken and the egg problem. No nation looks a promising nation, if it has a stable economic growth rate but poor literacy rate. The National Literacy Mission came into being in and started striving to involve all sections of the community in the literacy endeavour.


People themselves should come forward to perform this national duty so that the literacy drive may come to the top in a mass movement. Building resilience of farmers in flood prone Odisha 03,Aug, oxfamadmin. Mapping maternal health in Odisha?

Illiteracy in India

The National Policy of Educationdeclared that the whole nation must pledge itself to the work of eradicating illiteracy, particularly in the age group. Kerala has the highest literacy rate which is The chain of issues in this society that we live in, the strongest link of that chain is illiteracy. There are gender imbalances, income imbalances, state imbalances, caste imbalances, htree barriers which shape the literacy rates that exist in the country.

So this leaves them with no time to attend the free indiw provided by many government schools and NGOs.

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