He left his conventional course but continued to study privately. The need of the hour is not only to propagate literacy but also to educate the minds of masses to dispel communalism, casteism, indifference to atrocities on weaker sections of society, girl-child abuse, over-population, which are quite commonly prevalent in our society even today. Committed to working for the upliftment of Muslims, Sir Syed founded a modern madrassa in Muradabad in ; this was one of the first religious schools to impart scientific education. He received an education traditional to Muslim nobility in Delhi. To hope that both could remain equal is to desire the impossible and the inconceivable. Sir Syed intensified his work to promote co-operation with British authorities, promoting loyalty to the Empire amongst Indian Muslims. Sir Syed Ahmed Recovered.

Do you belong to a country other than India? Having finished the work to his satisfaction, and believing that Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib was a person who would appreciate his labours, Syed Ahmad approached the great Ghalib to write a taqriz in the convention of the times, a laudatory foreword for it. Also it was the historical beginning of Muslim education in India. Khan drew flaks from the Muslim clerics as he wrote about rational and liberal interpretations of Islamic scriptures. He remained the most influential Muslim politician in India, with his opinions guiding the convictions of a large majority of Muslims. He published the book Asaar-us-sanadeed Great Monuments documenting antiquities of Delhi dating from the medieval era. Sir Syed and many other Muslims took this as a defeat of Muslim society.

essay on sir syed ahmed khan in english with headings

The animosity between the British and Muslims before and after the rebellion Independence War of threatened to marginalise Muslim communities across India for many generations. Our interests and problems are common, and therefore, I consider the two factions as one nation. Testifying before the British-appointed education commission, Sir Syed controversially exclaimed that “Urdu was the language of gentry and Hindi englih of the vulgar.

The demand for Hindi, led largely by Hindus, was to Sir Syed an erosion of the centuries-old Muslim cultural domination of India. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan hexdings a well-known Muslim reformer, educator and politician. He spent his efforts to encourage the educational level of Indian people commonly and the Muslims heasings. Retrieved 27 October His family was Shia Muslim and descendants of Muhammad through Imam Muhammad al Jawad [15] and then moved to the Indian subcontinent [16] in the ruling times of Mughal emperor Akbar.


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However it later proved to be functioning only for the Hindus and tried to eradicate the Muslims. In the same year, Sir Syed founded the Muhammadan Association to promote political co-operation amongst Indian Muslims from different parts of the country.

essay on sir syed ahmed khan in english with headings

Inhe organized the All India Muhammadan Educational Conference in Aligarh, which promoted his vision of modern education and political unity for Ob. Journal of the Pakistan Historical Society. The Congress made three demands:.

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He began publishing the journal Tahzib al-Akhlaq Social Reformer to spread awareness and knowledge on modern subjects and promote reforms in Muslim society. Sir Syed’s pioneering work received support from the British.

He read the works of Muslim scholars and writers such as Sahbai, Rumi and Ghalib Other tutors instructed him in egnlish, astronomy and Islamic jurisprudence. At present it is like a day dream. Sir William Muir, with whom Sir Sayid enjoyed a personal friendship despite the syyed negative view of Islam, was appointed official Visitor of the College. He became a leading Muslim voice opposing the adoption of Hindi as a second official language of the United Provinces now Uttar Pradesh.

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However Sir Syed Ahmed Khan attempted to make the community and country progressive and take them forward on modern lines. Aligarh Fort Sir Syed Masjid. Syed maintains a strong legacy in Pakistan and among Indian Muslims. With his elder brother Syed Muhammad Khan, Sir Syed was raised in a large house in a wealthy area of the city.


If we join the political movement of the Bengalis our nation will reap a loss, for we do heaidngs want to become subjects of the Hindus instead of the subjects of the ” people of the Book He pleaded that there was no harm in adopting western sciences and in learning English language. Even such a word as a “liar” will be treated as an abuse to be prohibited. The foundation of the school building was laid in by Lady Porter, wife of the acting Lieutenant Governor of U.

essay on sir syed ahmed khan in english with headings

They argued that women were mentally unequal headnigs men, and would not be able to comprehend or find use in higher education. Are they Bound in Conscience to Rebel Against the Queen in which he concluded that their duty of jihad against non-Muslims compelled them to do so In a review of the report, Sir Syed argued that Muslims in India had no justification to rebel against the British, since they enjoyed their aman protection.

They are totally de- centralized from the community and society. Their ignorance of the English language and lack of modem education kept them away from respectable government posts.

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He said that if he came to any harm while doing something that would greatly benefit the rulers and the subjects of India alike, he would gladly suffer whatever befell him.

He opposed ignorance, superstitions and evil customs prevalent in Indian Muslim society. He also established many schools in different parts of the country.

Ahmad Khan founded the All India Muhammadan Educational Conference in in order to promote Western education, especially science and literature, among India’s Muslims.

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