The Kakatiyas, a known indigenous Andhra power, presided over the destiny of Andhradesa from the 10th century AD to the first quarter of the 14th century AD. The outcome in the case of all three dynasties, says historian Richard Eaton, was that they “catalyzed processes of supralocal identity formation and community building”. Marco Polo , who visited India probably some time around —, made note of Rudrama Devi’s rule and nature in flattering terms. It seems probable, from combining various contemporary and near-contemporary accounts, that Prataparudra committed suicide near to the Narmada River while being taken as a prisoner to Delhi. Interestingly, most of the temple women or Gudisanis were daughters of respectable men like Nayakas and Settis and temple women were not barred from marriage.

After Rudradeva’s death and the imprisonment of his nephew Ganapati in the hands of the Yadavs , his younger brother Mahadeva ascended the throne and ruled the kingdom for a short span of about three years — CE. It seems probable, from combining various contemporary and near-contemporary accounts, that Prataparudra committed suicide near to the Narmada River while being taken as a prisoner to Delhi. Kafur organized a month-long siege of Orugallu that ended with success in February The epigraphs of the Kakatiyas refer to them as the lords of Kakatipura. Kakatiyas had a lot of military skills, so they became the army chiefs and gained control over Anmakonda. A Comprehensive History of India. He was greatest among all Kakatiya rulers and ruled for a long period.

In the military organization, forts played crucial role and the epigraphs refer to Giridurgas, like Anumakonda, Raichur, Gandikota and the Vanadurgas, like Kandur and Narayanavanam, the Jaladurgas, like Divi and Kolanu and the Sthaladurgas, like Warangal and Dharanikota.

They set some share of the collected tax for the service kakatoya the king. The Govindapuram Jain inscription of Polavasa, another family of feudatory chiefs, contains a similar account of how their ancestor Madhavavarman obtained military strength by the grace of the Jain goddess Yaksheshvari. At that juncture, Recharla Rudra, the loyal commander-in-chief of the Kakatiyas saved the kingdom.


Age of the Kakatiyas: Society, Economy, Polity and Culture

Although the Hindu mythological texts do not kakatija any such form of Durga, the worship of a goddess named Kakati is attested by several other sources. Leave dynadty Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. According to another theory, the suffix implies that the Kakatiyas were a branch of the Rashtrakuta family, because the term Rashtrakuta-kutumbinah was used for officers employed by the Rashtrakuta administration, not feudatory chiefs: Another notable architectural feature of the dynasty relates to temples.

Succeeded by his son Prolaraja I.

Sangam period continued BC — AD. He was a great patron of trade and commerce and issued ‘Abhya Sasanam’at Motupalli port. Founded the dynasty 2.

Kakatiya dynasty

Previous Story Crime in India Report: According to the Prolaya Ezsay Prataprudra copper plate inscription, Prataprdura committed suicide on the banks of river Narmada because he could not tolerate the humiliation and defeat against Delhi Dynazty ruler Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq. All these pieces of evidence indicate that the Kakatiyas were of Shudra origin. He sacrificed his life in the service of the Rashtrakuta ruler Krishna II while fighting against the Eastern Chalukyas. Shaivite Hindu in nature, it was one of the great Telugu states that lasted for centuries until conquest by the Delhi Sultanate.

A Complete list of Kakatiya Rulers and their contribution

Besides epigraphs dynsty literature, the forts, temples, and tanks constructed during the Kakatiya period are an important source of information about the contemporary society, art and architecture.

The accession of Rudrama to the Kakatiya throne was a remarkable and memorable event of medieval South India as she was the first woman ruler of Andhra region.

Middle kingdoms of India.

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Ganapatideva was known as the greatest of the Kakatiyas and the first after the Satavahanas to bring the entire Telugu area under one rule. The probability is that many inscriptions have been lost due to buildings falling into disuse and also the ravages of subsequent rulers, most notably the Muslim Mughal Empire in the Telangana region.


They are more concentrated in the districts of Khammam and Warangal.

Skip to content Kakatiya Dynasty: They are particularly abundant for the period — CE, which is the period when the dynasty most flourished and are a reflection of that.

However, no other evidence supports this tradition. Social relationships appear to be based on common interest and occupations rather than Vama and Jati as social identities were not expressed in terms of Varna or Jati. He was the son of Rani Rudradevi’s daughter.

According to one theory, the suffix implies that these chiefs were Rashtrakuta subordinates.

Kakatiya Dynasty, the Famous Telugu Dynasty

Mandala, Nadu, Sthala, Seema and Bhumi were the names of the territorial divisions. A story in the Siddheshvara-Charitra states that Madhavavarman, an ancestor of the Kakatiyas, obtained military strength by the grace of goddess Padmakshi. The attackers were initially repulsed and Khan’s forces retreated to regroup in Devagiri.

essay on kakatiya dynasty

Relying on the evidence pn by the Dharmasastric literature, traditional historians perceive the society as based on the Varnasramadharma model and divided into esaay Varnas; Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaisya and Sudra.

Talbot gives importance to the strategy adopted by the Kakatiyas in patronizing warrior chiefs, and promoting martial ethos and assumption of martial epithets by the rulers. Kakatiya kings as much as generally very powerful, they merge several places of other kingdoms into their kingdom and became very powerful.

essay on kakatiya dynasty

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