The best way to pursue hospitality or rather any discipline is joining a reputed institution. Email required Address never made public. This transformation was also pushed by the emphasis of the University system on students being autonomous and responsible for their studies, a change from the high school approach, even at the ASP. I believe I have learned well these sales and presentation skills. Your essay will tell us a great deal about you, and it will also enable us to assess your analytical skills and determine whether you can organize your thoughts and express them clearly. On campus, during an internship, in class and in front of industry leaders, they never shy away from hard work and they persevere until the job is done right. You are commenting using your Google account.

The webpage will guide you easily during the application process, and if you are still unsure of what documents you should insert, see this checklist. I will leave you with two official videos from the EHL in order to better prepare your application. Living in London can be pricey and, to finance my travels, I have worked many part-time jobs, including street fundraising for the British Red Cross and promotion work for many events including for Chelsea Football Club, for a car show in London, for a hair product promotion firm, and for speed-dating events. They want to experience it all: They are all available on this page.

EHL Final Application Essay for September Intake – claireagius93

Admisssion Admissions Team At EHL, we seek to enroll students who have the academic skills, personal qualities and interpersonal skills to be successful leaders and entrepreneurs in the hospitality and service industries. Be prepared to smile to seem confident and remember to relax and breath between questions.


Preparing for your selection day No specific preparation is needed. Similarly to the service industry, promoting requires a down to earth xdmission and approachable persona so that the client feels they can relate to you and does not feel aggressed, even as you are trying to sell to them.

September Intake Priority for May selection days will be given to those applying by 1 April Last application deadline visa and non visa: At the heart of every EHL student lays a thirst for adventure and discovery.

ehl admission essay

Students can be exempted from taking an English certificate if they have admision the following curricula in English: Patience and compassion, together with a humble and loving approach combined with some gentle firmness became the keys to a successful day at the center and to building warm relations with people who are often distant and closed in on themselves.

You have to write about one of these three topics remember to choose only one:. You are commenting using your Google account.

Also, show that you have some information about the school internationality, societies, modules, …. They will ask you for some documentsthat you should upload using a. The translation should be accompanied by comprehensive information on the school or university attended and an explanation of the grading and assessment system.

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Priority for May selection days will be given to those applying by 1 April Last application deadline visa and non visa: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Admissions requirements To maintain the academic excellence of our programs and accreditation, we enforce strict admissions requirements concerning the educational, professional and English language prerequisites for each program.

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ehl admission essay

EHL has enjoyed the No. Click on the links below to see the requirements for your program of interest. Application Process Fssay 1. We have got excellent cultural diversity on our campus. Through my art studies and various sales jobs, I feel I have developed this commercial and entrepreneurial skill that is essential in the service industry.


Holt Thank you for the suggestions! Additionally, I also manage online marketing at Stoodnt. Such requests are considered on an individual basis. Now is time to prepare for the Selection Day. How admissiln EHL correspond to your expectations for a particular kind of learning, community, and future? You are commenting using your Facebook account. You will have to answer questions during half an hour or more, and participate in a small roleplay game.

We will ask you to tell us essaj your experience and your expectations. Whenever my family planned a trip, the choice of hotel was a decision I anticipated eagerly. Student loans come with a lot of work, paperwork, and fine print. We have a dedicated Admissions Team who can assist candidates to choose a program and prepare an application. They want to experience it all: Ajay Singh Forbes recently published a list of best colleges for each state in U.

Email required Address never made public.

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