For Thursday, November 3, 1. Underneath the login use the “Forgot My Password” link. Support Services for Students: They should use appropriate electronic databases to find sources. The second part of the assignment is the letter to Dr.

If you have trouble accessing this page because of a disability, please email Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity at accessibility pfw. So, make it a habit to be on time. I’d be interested in your ideas on this — I certainly have a lot to learn about the various homework of managing code. For Tuesday, October 4, Paper 4 are due. Read Chapter 1 pages ; Chapter 4 pages

In order to homeworo these goals, we will break them down into smaller objectives, such as learning how to:. Your paper must be four-five pages long and typed, using point font and MLA format. Demonstrate critical thinking through the interrelated activities of reading and writing. Be as specific as possible as to the problem. Brainstorm for arguments and counterarguments.

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Adopt an appropriate stance toward audience and topic Students must demonstrate that they can adopt various relationships to their audiences e. The goal of this work is to help each other with our writing and to create a community of writers. They should be able to produce a simple web page. Job Openings Library Technology.


Rough Draft of Paper 1 at least two pages — Two copies! No matter what your final grade average is, you must submit all four papers to pass the course. More emphasis should be given to research-related genres in W than in W See Section 11 of the General Course Information. Students must write a variety of genres, such as profiles, memoirs, evaluations, reports, proposals, or multi-genre pieces.

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College of Arts and Sciences. Do some research and bring your sources to class.


Finally, why is this question important to you and your audience? Or better yet, leave it at home.

Uomework Introduction should include a description of the visual you are analyzing and give information about the medium, the target audience, and the author s. If the supplied email address was found in the system, the system will e-mail you a new password.

Knowledge of Conventions The major theme in this section is discourse communities. Exploring writing paragraphs and essays meaning Exploring writing paragraphs and essays meaning Noah: Hojework Forum 23, Spring http: How does it work?

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History and context for Paper 3 — one page. You must have a clear, public audience and purpose for this research project. For Thursday, September 8, For Thursday, September 1, Students should engage in at least one collaborative writing activity. Instead, you will write a letter to Cathy Small—aka Rebekah Nathan—that addresses the above points.


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Make sure to include all the required parts. When appropriate, each draft should show significant revision from its predecessor. That will result in a zero for the assignment. You want to determine who you think is the intended audience, and explain how and why you came to that conclusion.

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Iprw Tuesday, October 4, These are the types of questions you should consider and answer, and once again, you should use examples from the reading and your experiences to support your reasoning.

This should result in a project of approximately words that incorporates approximately sources.

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