Get in touch Please email us if you have any problems. Before , Bangladesh was reported as having only 1, shelters which could only hold up to 5, people within the coastal districts. Whether it is the scurried haphazard non-linear movement of ants, or the frenzied cacophony of birds, the stillness and reclusive inclination of cats, or the frenetic behaviour of other animals in tandem with the raging sound of winds and spells of sudden stillness that warn of the impending ‘eye’; nature has indeed fine-tuned her biome to warn man of her own natural disasters. Hundreds of thousands still homeless three months after cyclone Aila”. Weekly News and Policy Updates. The Times of India.

In addition to the potential environmental risks, the majority of the coastal population is also at an economic and social disadvantage. Throughout the country, at least , people were left homeless. Yet, neither alerts nor warning signals were send out to the general public, till the actual ferocity of the storm was already in force and people caught up in the midst. Cyclone Shelters Cyclone Sidr: During cyclone Aila, it is estimated that roughly , lives were saved from being effectively evacuated into shelters Raj, Ullah and Akhter Retrieved May 26,

Two years later on May 25,a category 1 cyclone—Aila—struck the south-west coast of Bangladesh. The next day, the army used geogarphy to provide food to the affected population. Drought advisory issued to western and southern states.

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In comparison to earlier cyclones, that of similar magnitude, Cyclone Aila caused lower death toll due to implementation of efficient early warning systems, cyclone shelters and disaster relief allocation system. Global Environmental Change 22 4: Gender mainstreaming in shelter design and distance.


The main stkdy activities practiced by the communities are agriculture and fishing; however, these activities are risky, rarely profitable, and do not offer secure livelihoods Jalais ; Collins The Bay of Bengal provides a backdrop for the impacts of two cyclones—Sidr and Aila —that occurred in andrespectively.

Cyclone Shelters Cyclone Sidr: The Sunday newspapers ushered in a cyclone warning. Kolkata city witnessed an unprecedented tree fall of more thankilling people, snapping cables and tripping power lines, damaging property and blocking major roads.

cyclone aila case study geography

Warning systems and shelters are issues that should be discussed in tandem as receiving early warnings often lead the way in informing communities etudy potential evacuation. More thanpeople were reportedly isolated by severe flooding in coastal regions of Bangladesh.

Cyclone Aila

Storm surge and aftermath A storm surge of m above tide levels was experienced along the coasts of West Bengal and the adjoining areas of Bangladesh. This region is highly susceptible to climate change and environmental risks include increased water temperature, irregular rainfall, higher frequency of cyclones, extreme storms, and coastal erosion Mazumdar et al. Population pressures will continue to force people to seek residency along the coastal region and more cyclones will inevitably occur.

cyclone aila case study geography

Retrieved May 23, Cyclone Aila was originally not classified as a disaster which negatively impacted the cylone response of both national and international agencies. Cyclone Aila has been described as a benchmark of Bangladesh’s success in implementation of effective disaster management system.


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Life in Kolkata includes such rapidly building up cyclones, flash floods and water-logging, sans warnings or civic measures. Numerous cgclone were destroyed by the subsequent flooding and tens of thousands of people were left stranded in the villages.

For more on Cyclone Aila: Natural Hazards 50 2: Warning signals and alerts lose any semblance of effectiveness if the message is ignored due to lack of understanding among the population.

Cancelled flights and trains led to grounded passengers in stations and air terminals – a situation that so far had only sfudy associated with bandhs.

cyclone aila case study geography

Australian Geographer 45 3: Throughout the country, at leastpeople were left homeless. The waters of the river were unusually choppy, slurping over the balustrades.

Archived from the original on May 23, This page was last edited on 2 Mayat Video, Audio and other Multimedia. Jalais, Annu The Sundarbans: Surrounded aplenty by cats and birds in my building, I have taken to observing and learning from nature and animals.

However, dissimilar to cyclone Sidr, post-cyclone Aila resulted in disease outbreaks. Cyclone Aila recovery slower than Sidr. Lessons for Climate Adaptation?

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