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Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto.

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Curriculum Vitae

Application fee for applicants from a Member State of the European Union: Establishing causal relations in European Portuguese: The application process step by step 1 st step – Provide the documentation To apply to a Master programme, you curriuclum provide the following documents: Causal relations in European Portuguese: Help Center Find new research papers in: Documents should be sent to: Also, you will be requested to pay the first installment and the enrolment fee.

Phonology and Sociolinguistic Variation.


curriculum vitae ipb- bragança

We will guide to the Academic Services to formalize your enrolment. Congresso Internacional Filosofia e Literatura. Mechanisms of clausal connection: The payment should be made by bank transfer as a pre-requisite to issue the acceptance letter for study visa.

Coordinate structures and Education.

Portal DeGóis – Plataforma Nacional de Ciência e Tecnologia

Entre Portugal e Macau. Queen Mary University of London, 2 November Authorship attribution in a case of defamation. Please read our privacy policy to find out more. Gender and education in coordinate structures in European Portuguese. This document should be in English, French or Spanish, or be accompanied by a certified translation in English. Jornada UMinho de Jovens Linguistas. Only after the payment of this fee the transfer process will be considered for analysis.

curriculum vitae ipb- bragança

Foreign students who wish to enroll in a Master programme at the IPB should have completed a degree in a 1st cycle course, organized according to the principles of Bologna Process, or have a degree recognized as an undergraduate course by the Scientific Council of the higher education institution that bestows the degree.


Oral Communications Aguiar, J. International students should take out a private health insurance in the respective country of origin. Additional information about how to arrive and about the integration in the IPB will be also sent.

Gender and Education in Coordinate structures in European Portuguese. Variation and change in the second person plural forms of address in European Portuguese.

Coordinate structures in European Portuguese: Nevertheless, the International Office can help you finding housing.

O Linguista como Perito Forense: It is recommended that students acquire previous knowledge of all the conditions and coverage cuurriculum in Portugal.

curriculum vitae ipb- bragança

Application form ; Authenticated transcript of your previous degree s. You will need to present your Individual health bulletin with regularized anti-tetanus vaccine.

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