Mandatory information on every medical CV should include your personal details, national training number and general medical council registration, as well as any relevant associations and memberships. Sell yourself as much as possible and don’t be afraid to exclude anything that is irrelevant to your application. It is also useful to consider how you monitor and evaluate the success of your teaching and include these details in your CV. Interview skills for specialty posts. As you progress, teaching will become a more significant part of your CV. If you are regularly involved in these, make sure you highlight your role with concrete examples from your experiences. Your CV should tell the story of you and your career.

Our online training and development modules for BMA members, offer insightful, practical guidance that puts you in control of your career. Or you can provide referees, with the first usually being your current employer and the second a previous employer. Give your GMC reference number and details of any other medical regulators you are registered with. Publications List your publications. For most doctors, this would change on a yearly basis.

Even at a glance, it should be clear why you are the best person for the role you are applying for. VBR will be used from to help attract and select students, trainees and employees, whose personal values and behaviours align with the NHS values outlined in the NHS Constitution.

Curriculum Vitae

VBR looks at three aspects: I like to cook a variety of dishes, but the cakes are always particularly well received in any workplace! By taking the time to regularly review and update your CV, it allows you to create a standard format that you can adapt for each position that you apply for, giving you the best cufriculum at landing the position you really want. References Available on request. Section Detail Personal details and contact information Your name on your CV must match your name on your proof of identity.


List any gaps that span over 28 days and include a brief explanation. As a result of VBR, changes will occur to the way pre-screening assessment takes place, as well as how you are interviewed.

curriculum vitae for locum gps

I was lucky enough to combine this with my love of travel during my time as a climbing instructor in at Camp Lakeland, New York, as part of the Camp America programme.

Give details of any courses you have attended. Tower Hamlets is a deprived borough with huge pathological diversity and provides many opportunities to expand and deepen knowledge in all essential areas of medicine. Again, highlight the most locim awards that relate to the position you are applying for. Awarded 1st prize for History of Medicine. If it does not meet these standards then it will be returned to you. Awards List any awards you have received. Courses, meetings and conferences Consider keeping all of the courses, meetings and conferences you have attended as a separate updated list and then add the most important or current ones to your CV as you are tailoring it.

From Health to Sickness curiculum, Conference. For many individuals this section has the potential to become a long list of dates, that could be off putting to read. An academic CV will inevitably be longer as you will need to include research and publications.

East One Health Practice – GP Principle CV Example

For example, if you did a course or took part in research that is more relevant than your current job, reprioritise the courses section to thetop of your CV, moving your employment experience further down. Prioritise the section of your CV that matches the job at the top so it’s seen first,and either reprioritise the least relevant content to appear further down your CV or remove it altogether.


I would like to expand my interest further throughout my career as I feel this is an area that will become increasingly significant, particularly as current lifestyle trends are driving an escalating epidemic of diabetes. As a junior doctor or higher specialty trainee, most people produce a CV that is part of their portfolio assessment.

curriculum vitae for locum gps

Joint Injection CourseLondon. Make sure you include their name, job title and correct contact details. Job application portals With the growth in medical job application portals such as Oriel and NHS Jobs, which require you to fill flr an gpz applications form, you might wonder why you need a CV at all. With the growth in medical job application portals such as Oriel and NHS Jobs, which require you to fill out an online applications form, you might wonder why you need a CV at all.

As part of your application, you must submit an up-to-date CV. I have a wide range of interests and enjoy variety which is what drew me to General Practice initially.

Research experience Give a brief explanation of any research you have undertaken, or have participated in. Your contact information should match the details we hold, which can be updated using GMC Online.

curriculum vitae for locum gps

I have lived in the Liverpool area all my life and therefore have a good understanding of local services. With teaching experience, it is important to fod about the range of teaching you are delivering, the setting that it takes place in and whether it is one-to-one, group work or large scale teaching settings.

University Hospital Aintree, Longmoor Lane. Make sure to include location, grade and specialty for each position, highlighting the most pertinent experience.

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