Enrollment in UNIV provides the student with very limited access to Cal State LA facilities and no access to student employment or student funding. Jump to navigation Skip to content. Reviewers may be available on a drop-in basis during their posted office hours, but we strongly recommend that you schedule an appointment ahead of time. Overview To complete your MS in Mathematics degree, you have a choice of writing a master’s degree thesis or passing two comprehensive exams. How do I convert my file to PDF? How do I request a preliminary review?

Each preliminary page, each chapter page, the endnotes, the references, and each appendix must begin on a new page. ProQuest provides a helpful tutorial about PDF conversion on their website. Only the electronic submission is required. Not all colleges or departments require these forms. Only your department may require a defense or presentation; the Office of Graduate Studies does not oversee this part of your culminating project. Current workshop dates and past presentations are available on the Workshops page. Graduate Thesis, Project, and Dissertation Guidelines.

Students are encouraged to prepare for their thesis, project, or dissertation as early as their first semester. See Forkat page for further information. Only figures may be rendered in color, not tables. Not all project reports will be submitted through the Office of Graduate Studies.

Check with your department or college for their requirements around the proprosal. Deadline to upload complete draft of dissertation for official review.


Master’s Thesis | Cal State LA

We understand that UCLA’s deadlines may vary. Please be aware that faculty are not required to advise graduate students during the summer term. The month and year listed on the Title page and Approval page will correspond to the last month and year of the semester in which the thesis, project report, or dissertation is filed with the University e. Thesis Template In theory, you can take this LaTeX thesis template, insert your own title, abstract, chapters, graphics, committee member names, etc.

Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. Dsula Candidate may not make additional edits to the thesis at this point except as requested by their Committee or Reviewer. If a final defense or equivalent presentation is required as part of the student’s culminating project, the defense must be completed by the last Friday tthesis the semester same deadline as GS submission. Csua Is there a deadline to have my thesis reviewed and submitted?

csula thesis format

These pages provide all the necessary resources for preparing and submitting the master’s thesis, report of master’s project, or doctoral dissertation to the University. Please visit the Graduation Office website for more information about the graduation application. Candidates may also opt to have their theses and dissertations bound locally by Bella Printing Services in Glendale. Appointments with Reviewers will be available according to this schedule: Please read these documents carefully and thoroughly.


Don’t get caught off-guard csla important deadlines. The Graduation Office charges required fees for the graduation check and diploma. A thesis typically takes at least two or three semesters of solid work.

Department of Mathematics

You may download the GS form on the Submission page. Some common style manuals include:.

The GS Form is one of the more important forms you will complete during your graduate studies. Please visit the University Records Office website for more information about transcripts. Only your Committee will comment on the content.

Click on “PDF” in the menu on the left. Priority deadline for preliminary review.

Graduate Thesis, Project, and Dissertation Guidelines

You upload your completed thesis in. Only candidates who have lost matriculation status may enroll in units via Extended Education. Instead, submit one copy to the Thesis Reviewer along with the required approval and agreement forms.

To help meet the university’s complicated and extensive formatting requirements, tormat should start with the Math Department’s LaTeX Thesis Template. Commencement Ceremonies for each college are held once each year, in May.

csula thesis format

You should be aware of the Math Department’s Thesis Policy, as well as those of the college and university:

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