The following stricter requirements need to be implemented by the end of the transition period in May, in order to market your medical devices futher on: Project Manager – Sr. Regulations equivalent to EU ones are in place for critical aspects of pharmacovigilance. In preparing the annual summary report, the manufacturer shall determine, on the basis of the analysis referred to in subsection 2 , whether there has been a significant change in what is known about the risks and benefits of the drug during the period covered by the report and shall include its conclusions in this regard in the summary report. Sections, subsections, tables, figures, and appendices should all be bookmarked. Posted by Rob Packard on December 15, It should be noted that MAHs are expected to prepare annual summary reports for all their health products with an active Drug Identification Number DIN , however, they need to submit to Health Canada only upon request.

What main points need to be considered? The MDR introduces a new classification rule By introducing new roles and responsibilities for all economic operators, the MDR now combines all necessary elements in a single legislation. Not only is PMS defined in Article 2 60 , it is listed as one of the general obligations of all manufacturers new Article 10 , it is also one of the topics specifically called out for monitoring by the person responsible for regulatory compliance new Article The time is ticking for the device manufacturers to ensure data, documentations, processes and systems meet requirements. From that date, manufacturers, suppliers, Notified Bodies, and national competent authorities have a transition period of three years New requirements for post market surveillance for Medical Devices.

AstraCon recruits specialists in quality management and regulatory affairs for the pharmaceutical, the IVD, and the MedTech industry. EU MDR is comprehensive and complex.

Heads of Medicines Agencies: PSUR

Share this page Twitter Facebook LinkedIn. This project offers the authorities the opportunity to use the assessment capacity more efficiently by having the assessments carried out primarily by one country and then sharing the resulting data and recommendations.

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The manufacturer shall prepare an annual summary report of all information relating to adverse drug reactions and serious adverse drug reactions to the drug that it received or became aware of during the previous 12 months. The legislation introduces the principle of EU single assessment where a substance is authorised in more than one Member State.

This graphic shows why… So there it is.

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The new Regulations on medical and in-vitro diagnostic medical devices Please note that guidance for stakeholders to implement the medical devices regulations is now available on a dedicated page. For more information, please see our MDR transition leter. The development of the MDR has taken nearly a covef, with the EU Commission launching the consultation process in This will contribute to good record management and ensure authenticity, integrity, availability, traceability, and non-repudiation of the data.

PSUR’s will help Europe monitor safety trends, alert citizens of risks, and develop common safety standards. The manufacturer’s obligation to proactively collect and review experiences obtained from medical devices already circulating on the market, and to apply any necessary preventive and corrective measures; or in other words post-market surveillance PMSis strengthened under the new Medical Devices Regulation MDR.

Clinical evaluation and market observation according to MDR. The Annual Summary Report Checklist Appendix B should be filed as a leaf element under the mcertification-and-attestation-forms heading and the PBRER should be filed lefter a leaf element under the m Reports of Postmarketing Experience heading.

The EU initiative is just the beginning. Find out more by exploring the conference agenda. There are several changes in this new regulation.

The naming convention used for the leaf titles is up to the MAH’s discretion; however, meaningful names should be applied. Although the interpretation of many requirements remain controversial and there are no additional legal acts so far, the transitional period. The EU-MDR enforces reducing risk to patients and creates a way to track each device from the manufacturer to the patient.


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By introducing new roles and responsibilities for all economic operators, the MDR now combines all necessary elements in a single legislation. The MDR has a broader scope than the Medical Device Directives, encompassing, among others, a number of aesthetic devices. The guidance clarifies that usability engineering is an iterative process, involving design, testing and validation of design stages; it also requires attention to the post-market phase, since evidence may come to ocver while a device is being used in clinical practice that the design requires further improvement.

Information is outdated or wrong. Regulations equivalent to EU ones are in place for critical aspects of pharmacovigilance. lettet

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Psue EU’s Medical Device Regulation is a hot topic in healthcare and a major concern for companies since The Minister may, for the purposes of assessing the safety and effectiveness of the drug, request in writing that the manufacturer submit to the Minister one or both of the following: Other issue not in this list. You will not receive a reply.

The following are recommended as good bookmarking practices: This is mandatory for both centrally authorised and nationally authorised medicinal products cver they follow the EU single assessment or a purely national assessment procedure. The concept of the PSUR Worksharing project is that all veterinary medicinal products with the same active ingredient or a fixed combination of active ingredientsmay maintain the same Data Lock Point for the compilation of PSURs.

Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSURs)

With a variety of new requirements detailed in EU MDR, integrating the clinical, regulatory, and post-market documentation is a difficult and confusing task for both small and large organizations. Ensure that procedures are in place to keep series psyr in conformity with the EU MDR requirements. Guidance documents to assist stakeholders in implementing directives related to medical devices.

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