Cytotechnologists play a critical role in the healthcare industry as they perform analysis of fluid or tissue samples to detect infections or other abnormalities. Choose the best template – Choose from 10 Leading Templates. Refers all abnormal cases to Lead Cytotechnologist for further evaluation or directly to Pathologist or for decision as to whether biopsy or further cytological study is necessary Compiles listings of patients from whom Pathologist has requested follow-up specimens. Cytotechnologist Resume Resume Medical Resume Cytotechnologist Resume Cytotechnologists play an instrumental role in determining health issues in patients. Cytotechnologist Intern Steward Health Care, Philadelphia, PA August – February Performed routine and specialized testing on patients’ specimens, and documented findings for ease of treatments Carried out inspection of instruments and verified them to ensure that the equipment are in proper working order before conducting specimen tests Coordinated with other interns to carry out specimen tests on the collected samples to examine cells from the patient’s urinary tract, lymph nodes, lungs or liver to identify the level of mutation occurred Conducted comparison of the patient’s cell behavior, identified abnormalities, and prepared reports on the same Collected and processed specimens according to the department’s policies and procedures Educational Summary: Duties included microscopically examining medical specimen slides for malignancy and other entities accurately and efficiently while complying with all policies and procedures..

An energetic, hardworking and self-motivated work ethic, coupled with a flexible approach to assignments. Cytological processing of gynecologic ThinPrep and Surepath and non-gynecologic specimens. If you don’t want your personal information displayed, remove it from your cover letters before posting. I am open to be relocate in Florida state, and be in a travel, temporary, contract job in any state of United State of America. Signs-out all normal slides. Healthcare, Physicians and Surgeons.

Cytotechnologist One year experience preferred CT ASCP certification Knowledge of clinical cytologic techniques and procedures Knowledge of basic skills for safe and aseptic laboratory research Knowledge of infection prevention techniques and procedures Ability to coordinate simultaneous tests and procedures with cytotechnologisst Knowledge of quality assurance principles and techniques Skill in the use of basic medical and cytotechnologistt lab techniques and instruments Skill in the use of automated laboratory equipment Skill in manual dexterity and normal color vision.


cover letter examples for cytotechnologist

Performed diagnostic cytopathology, processing gynecologic and non-gynecologic samples for cancer diagnosis. This way, you can position yourself in the best way to get hired. All actions are rooted in providing excellent customer service Performs all cytology testing and procedures Operates all cytology equipment: On call for emergency diagnostic services.

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cover letter examples for cytotechnologist

Examine cells microscopically and using professional judgment, detect cancer and other conditions on Pap smears and fluids from various body sites. Submit A Cover Letter. I am very interested to discuss possible opportunities within your organization.

Cytotechnologist Resume Example

Enter screening results on all patient cases in the Pathology Information System Perform final sign out of diagnoses on the majority exmaples Pap tests. Prepare written diagnostic reports and make recommendation for further evaluation or treatment. Orders and maintains adequate supplies.

cover letter examples for cytotechnologist

My Perfect Resume is your solution and takes the hassle out of resume writing. Prepares microscopic slides from specimens of blood, scrapings, or other body fluids, including Fine Needle Aspirations Reports negative pap smears evaluations as final diagnosis Reports abnormal pap smear results to Pathologist as preliminary finding Coordinates activities in cytology laboratory Thirty six 36 months related experience as a Cytotechnologist plus the demonstrated ability to perform all cytology procedures in accordance with specifications set by the department head Bachelor’s degree in science or related fields or graduated from a committee on allied health education and accreditation CAHEA accredited school of cytotechnology or other cytotechnolobist approved by health and human services HHS Or certified in cytotechnology by a certification agency approved by HHS; e.

Your Resume, Made Easy. Healthcare, Physicians and Surgeons. Healthcare, Medical Records, Billing and Transcription. Cytotechnologist Cover Letter The two-line page border, boldfacing and italicizing of cytotecgnologist information and keywords, and bulleting of skills and worker traits make this letter attractive, strong, and easy to grasp at a glance.

Cytotechnologist Resume Example Laboratory Corporation Of America – Middlesex, New Jersey

Cytotechnologists play an instrumental role in determining health issues in patients. Communicates effectively, follows through on assignments, uses resources efficiently, participates in learning opportunities and treats others with respect and dignity Excellence — Serves as a role model and performs job responsibilities to the highest standards in every situation.


CoPath or similar system Minimum 1 year in hospital or high volume cytology laboratory. Knowledge of principle, concepts and techniques in the health, medical, or allied science fields e.

Cytotechnologist Cover Letter, Cover Letter for Cytotechnologist

Responsible for the quality control, daily preparation and initial interpretations of cytology specimen. Supervised and provided administrative support to 29 medical personnel who provided preventative health care, health and wellness program support, and emergency medicine to a ship’s company of 3, personnel.

Create the perfect job-worthy resume effortlessly in just a few clicks! An energetic, hardworking and self-motivated work ethic, coupled with a flexible approach to assignments.

Typical work activities listed on a Cytotechnologist example resume are collecting and preparing specimens, interpreting them using a microscope and other medical equipment, and delivering test results to physicians and patients.

Meets minimum screening standard set for department Perform QC procedures and document according to procedure Review retrospective slide QC’s as determined by Department Director. Maintained the CAP continuing education records for the cytology department. Accurately resulted completed diagnosis into computer in a timely and efficient manner reducing turn around time.

Cytotechnologist Resume

Accessions specimens, as assigned by registration, accessioning, order entry, and reporting. Maintains followup file on all coger cases to determine if cell abnormalities have remained same, been eliminated or intensified.

Oversees and performs technical work in the Cytopathology section of the laboratory Assists in the pathology Gross Room with small biopsies Assists pathologists and physicians in the collection of fine needle aspiration cytology samples assuring that adequate supplies are constantly maintained e.

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