That said, with so many easily accessible resources, choosing the right fit for your interests can be difficult. Therefore you should approach the question with no other knowledge that is unique to the problem. I found both courses to be very instructive and worthwhile, but very different in nature. CardenB 8 months ago. If you want to go around the central objective of the exercise – which is to adapt yourself to solve the problem – at the end you are only cheating yourself. Graduate version available see below.

I wish I had had such a great teacher when I was a student. All I got is confusion and a better idea about the topic in general. A year and a half ago, I dropped out of one of the best computer science programs in Canada. Since there are seemingly hundreds of courses on Udemy , we chose to consider the most-reviewed and highest-rated ones only. It may come as no surprise that a paid course beats out a free one, but the Udacity Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree program gave me the confidence to professional pursue machine learning positions and opportunities; and for that, its entry fee was a very small price to pay. It must be an interactive online course, so no books or read-only tutorials. We compiled average ratings and number of reviews from Class Central and other review sites to calculate a weighted average rating for each course.

Like Liked by 1 person. If you don’ have homswork speakers you might need headphones to hear him talk. Not op but not only would it rob me of knowledge if I finished a course by looking at others’ solutions but it also feels “dirty” to do it that way.


Introduces the core concepts of machine learning and a variety of algorithms. Deep Learning can wait Prof Ng – this deserves your attention! At some point, they may want to get together to share, discuss, correct, and debate their solutions – and for these discussions to happen properly, this must involve sharing code.

Dive into Deep Learning with 12 free online courses Every day brings new headlines for how deep learning is changing the world around us.

Some thoughts on the Coursera Deep Learning Specialization

I had exposure to many of the concepts before taking the class, but had never implemented or understood the mathematics behind any of the algorithms until taking this MOOC. Who are you to judge how someone monetizes a thing.

coursera ml homework

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Programmers and data scientists use Google every single day for their job. It is structured better than any in person college course I ever attended. It has a 3. Thirteen videos and 52 exercises with an estimated timeline of four hours. Yes, you will have to do some programming, but the instructor assumes no previous knowledge and all the information you need is available online.

I imagine it would be pretty hard. If there are confidential matters you want to report, please write to the Instructors or Head TA over email, with subject including the term “CS”. This applies both to the official solutions and to solutions that you or someone else may have written up in a previous year.

Coursera Machine Learning MOOC by Andrew Ng – Python Programming Assignments | Hacker News

You come away from the course with the satisfaction of genuinely understanding machine learning, enough so that you could even build your own machine learning framework from scratch. Two hours per week over four weeks. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: These are not solutions, these are assignments. That said, I would still recommend you do both courses. Five hours per week over nine weeks. Why are the top two comments in this thread by people who didn’t bother to look at the notebooks and falsely accusing the author of posting solutions?


If there are private matters specific to you e. From 0 to 1: Terrible reviews that highlight poor instruction and evaluation. Machine learning is so pervasive today that you probably use it dozens of times a day without knowing it. Honor code We strongly encourage students to form study groups.

coursera ml homework

Please consider removing the solutions. Since there are seemingly hundreds of courses on Udemywe chose to consider the most-reviewed and highest-rated ones only. This is the fifth of a six-piece series that covers the best online courses for launching yourself into the data science field.

coursera ml homework

A lot of CS courses also have a project component where you get to use whatever resources hoework make something new. Neural Network related programming assignments are a bit hard compared to other assignments. One reviewer noted that there was a lack of quizzes and that the assignments were not challenging.

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