In the DARPA IDS evaluation data set, all the network traffic including the entire payload of each packet was recorded in tcpdump format and provided for evaluation. These internal activities cannot be prevented by a firewall which usually stops the external traffic from entering the internal network. The Data attack is to exfiltrate special files, which the security policy specifies should remain on the victim hosts. They note in the work of Lee and Stolfo [24] that combining evidence from multiple base classifiers is likely to improve the effectiveness in detecting intru- sions. A connection record is a se- quence of TCP packets starting and ending at some well-defined times, between which data flows from the source IP address to the target IP address under some well-defined protocol. Performance evaluation of classifiers for spam detection with benchmark datasets Indian Space Research Organization.

Ciza Thomas, Vishwas Sharma and N. This provides a strong selective advantage for detectors that result in a more focused search. It is observed from most of the previous studies that there was no attempt to consider the correlation information in the input network traffic for improving the detection effectiveness. In most of the available literature [31, 32, 33], this is overcome by resampling the training distribution. I owe everything to them, without their everlasting love, this thesis would never be completed. They found that the incidents accumulate regardless of the existence of corrections for exploited vulnerabilities.

In performing a manual post hoc analysis of the results of the DARPA Intrusion Detection Challenge, the challenge coordinators found that the best combination of evaluation systems provides more than two orders of magnitude of reduction in false alarm rate with greatly improved detection accuracy [27].

PhD Seminar track cia available for discussing and publishing early PhD thesis research. The resampling is done either by oversampling of the minority class or by undersampling of the majority class.

These internal activities cannot be prevented by a firewall which usually stops the external traffic from entering the internal network. We are still far from achieving this goal.

These actions attempt to compromise the integrity, confidentiality or availability of a resource. D-trees turn out to be better in the combined metric.

Ciza Thomas Thesis Paper

The real-world traffic is predominantly made up of normal traffic rather than attack traffic. Balakrishnan The paper presented here tries to provide supporting facts for the use of the DARPA contributed significantly to the intrusion detection research by providing direction for research efforts and nbsp; Ciza Thomas — InTechOpen Open Access Publisher — Open Science is currently working as Professor and Head, Czia and theories, and solutions related to the research areas in the field of sensor fusion.


Thus it is difficult to interpret what a small false alarm rate is, when the base rate is also small. Chapter 1 9 This has created an opportunity for us to enhance ciaa performance of IDSs by various advanced techniques. Neural networks Some issues for sensor fusion such as their ability to generalize, computational expense during training and further expense when they need to be retrained are critical to neural networks in comparison to statistical methods.

Some of the pub- licly available data sets [66] have been investigated, but they are not entirely suitable for the analysis mainly due to the absence of the application payload.

These models may focus on the users, the applications, or the network. In view of the enormous computing power available with the present day processors, combining multiple IDSs to obtain best-of-breed solutions has been attempted earlier.

SVMs are known thomxs excel on accuracy but the uncertainty value measured as the distance from SVM separator is perhaps not too meaningful. Ciza Thomas This paper presents a method theesis combining the decisions of multiple IDSs using The classification of the various attacks found in the network traffic is explained in detail in the thesis work of Kendall 12, with nbsp; Cyber Incident are independently peer-reviewed. The probability estimate can be thresholded to signal the intrusion.

I would like an at- tempt to. The mod- eling is based on deduction rules that model the capabilities of the attacker and the detector. The related work in sensor fusion and in particular the related work using sensor fusion in intrusion detection application are discussed.

The most basic of these factors are the false alarm rate and the detection rate, and their tradeoff can be intuitively analyzed with the help of the Receiver Operating Characteristic ROC curve [43], [57], [12], [58], [59].


However, in the lack of better benchmarks, vast amount of the research is based on the experiments performed on the DARPA data set. Q is a factor that contributes to the determination of level, but has no effect on stability. For decision trees, typically uncertainty is derived from the error of the leaf into which the instance falls. There are multiple penetration points for intrusions to take place in a network system. The analysis is always slow thpmas often computationally intensive.

In a matter of very few years, the Internet has consolidated itself as a very powerful platform that has changed the way we do business, and the way we communicate.

Ciza Thomas Thesis Paper

Prob- ing may be normal or may be the pre-phase of an attack. Likewise, the outcome of all U2R attacks is that a root shell is obtained without legiti- mate means, e. The density dependent attack growth is also a stabilizing factor.

With the attack-detector scenario better understood, the future evolution of attacks can be estimated in a certain way thereby aid- ing better attack detection and in turn reduced false negatives.

ciza thomas thesis

These evaluations contributed significantly to the intrusion detection research by pro- viding direction for research efforts and an objective calibration of the technical state-of-the-art. Besides the densities of the attacks and the detectors; namely At and Dtthe parameters of the system are non-negative values.

ciza thomas thesis

Sekhar, SERC security staff and a few others who have in some way or the other helped me at various stages during my research life. As a result it becomes a need for security experts to overcome these attacks, where both the IDS researchers and implementors will strive for new techniques and modify the available IDSs and also find patches for the known vulnerabilities. Autonomous Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance of a — CiteSeerX in the field of autonomous vehicles In this paperthe description of an autonomous electric micro-bus.

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