This research evaluates how rail public transport users perceive day to day quality of the provided services. A good response can make a customer intention. Undoubtly, gaining more profit in the future. With that, the ticket has to be printed by the KTMB staff at the ticket counter as proof and authentication to travel. Perceived value not only that loyal customers display, it was apparent that the behaviors has been identified in many studies as an antecedent to are reflecting attitudes. Even though the study was able to answer some of research questions in the rail transportation research, there is also some limitation.

Reliability and Validity H7: Login Statistics Create Account. Last but not least, there was no evidence indicating [3] W. Along with the aspiration made by KTMB services in order to providing the best service to its Table 4. Gender has a moderating effect on the relationship between passenger satisfaction and its antecedents, passenger loyalty and its antecedents. Service quality has a positive effect on passenger understanding and predicting customer retention [4, 3, 13].

Antecedents of Loyalty in the Airline Industry of Malaysia: Switching Cost perceived service quality from Komuter service is high, they will have increased satisfaction and it will highly lead them to Switching cost can be defined as the perceived become loyal passengers. Journal of Service Marketing, 14 5, In developing marketing strategies, Komuter if they have studt intention to switch to other transport instead of focusing on customer satisfaction and loyalty itself, services.

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It caee money, constructs are interchangeable [17]. Three competing theories about the linkage transportation service which is available for use by the general of service quality and customer satisfaction have been public.


When a passenger is unable to produce the KTMB MobTicket weather on the smartphone or in the form of a printed ticket, the passenger is required to pay the full fare plus a surcharge in order to continue the journey with no guaranteed seat on the train.

The results are tabulated in Table 4. De Wulf, and M. This ticket must be in the possession of the passenger kfmb produced for inspection at the departure point and on board the train. Perceived values can analyzed with Customer loyalty can be defined as a set of behaviors a multidimensional scale [40, 34].

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With that, the ticket has to be printed by the KTMB staff at the ticket counter as proof and authentication to travel. Review, 23 3, By Ooi Chun Xi. KTMB MobTickets can be purchased 30 days in advance from the date of travel up to 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the train. It also helps to management problem, no monitoring and enforcement of the understand the factors that affect commuters to become loyal or strict use of coach of women commuters by KTMB.

The Service Quality and Perceived Value. On the other hand, satisfaction context, if the passengers have trust on its services then it will also has been identified as the most important determinant of lead them to be satisfied and loyal. McGraw-Hill Book Company, The reliability of the items representing a particular constructs were evaluated using Cronbach Alpha values.

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Developing relationship [28] K. Satisfaction was a significant mediating variable was supported since there is evidence to suggest the existence of [2] S. Furthermore, it has been identified collection is because this is where most of the passengers frequently as moderator variable for consumer behavior [12, from various places tend to congregate. On the other hand, the limitation of sample size and the convenience sampling method implied that the finding cannot be generalized to other rail transport companies such as Monorail and Light Rail Transport LRT.


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Final causal model showed attempts to study and understand the relationship between statistical significant and reasonable level of model fitness. However, there were also findings that pointed sampling frame. Service quality has a positive effect on passenger understanding and predicting customer retention [4, 3, 13].

case study ktmb

Yes, it can as long as it is supported by an Android or IOS system. The indicator that can be related to Klang by using convenience sampling technique since most customer loyalty was customer satisfaction. The Critical thought out, implemented and maintained at all times.

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Convenience sampling technique was applied due to cost and time limitation. Logout once transaction is complete. New Directions in Theory and Practice, You may retrieve the passwords using the following steps:

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