Nevertheless, I chose to only include the first names of the cluster leaders in the Table of Interviews10 and refer to this table throughout the thesis. On an aesthetic aspect, the Estero de Paco project is a vast improvement from the previous depressed condition of the area. The Metro Manila Commission was created in which under the leadership of the First Lady Imelda Marcos, wife of Ferdinand Marcos, exerted tight control over the many local government agencies that have until then been implementing independent plans. Questions Name not in thesis if they want to be anonymous Contact info not in thesis Personal information: Some of the obstacles presented in the review article is that local knowledge is given less recognition than scientific knowledge Sharma et al. Effects and im- plications for urban governance. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

While experts focus on impacts of future climate hazards, local communities prioritise the drivers of vulnerability to climate change. Limitations Ideally I would have wanted to live in the community during the course of my field work, but unfortunately I could not find any appropriate location to stay in. Bridged social capital are the connections made with actors con- sidered to belong to another network, group, or social class. Moreover, the transparency and bureaucratic simplicity of a foundation-led project allowed KBPIP efficiently utilize resources. If the government wants to adapt to climate change these priorities must be the main concern, and adaptation must be mainstreamed in order to avoid obstructing those priorities. Safe from floods Socio-political Homeowners. Data collection My empirical data was collected over the course of four weeks in the commu- nity of Legarda, mainly through semi-structured interviews, but also through participant observation.

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With the use of the In Vivo coding method, I was able to see elements of the interviews that otherwise would have been lost, such as the codes University of the Philippines Press. Academy of management review 27 117— Since the community of Legarda live in tight corners, it would not be feasible to stay with any of the families, and the rooms for rent in the neighbourhood had curfews, which meant that moving closer to the neighbourhood would be pointless.


Ayers sug- gests that adaptation have to include the most environmentally vulnerable and allow for the current strategies of adaptation to be contested Ayers, The course of action in order to reach this goal has been to remove not only the trash blocking the waterways, but also the informal settlers residing along the waterways. When I asked the respondents how they will deal with the monthly amortisations and the limited space of the new homes, most of the cluster leaders seemed unconcerned and explained that they are working on creating more side jobs in order to increase their income, and that the new apartments will be much nicer than their current homes.

The explanation to why the cluster leaders were chosen were for their availability Interview Remember me on this computer.

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Near the mouth of the Pasig River, around 19 creeks called by the Spanish name estero estuary discharge into the river. The husband of one of the cluster leaders explains: The the- sis concludes that social capital, capacity building, and a mainstreaming of adaptation efforts sgudy used by the urban poor community in order to gain support for their in-city housing initiative. The bonded social capital of the community has led to a pooling of resources and a financial safety net.

Each cluster has been appointed a leader and an assistant leader, and all these leaders are women from the community. Its Origins and Applications in Modern Sociology.

They sell sttudy properties. Moving towards inclusive urban adaptation: In Search of a Sustainable Future. I have past experiences in developing countries in Latin America, and I am comfortable with impoverished surroundings. Secure and safe settlements for all: Gotangcoand Justin Charles G.

Support- Communal ing the president social capital Maintain Responsibility to neighbours. The land that has been appointed to the PPHI for their new homes can only house 14 fam- ilies, the remaining 91 families still need land in order for their homes to be constructed. Esteros in the late 20th century became open sewers where buildings and houses are turned away from so that the discharge of sewage and garbage into the waterway was collectively ignored.


Coming from Sweden, where we call everyone by their first name and social hierarchies in languages are avoided, I also had to spend time getting accustomed to the use of respectful linguistics in the Philippines, for instance to always say po at the end of a sentence when speaking to someone older then myself, and addressing people as if they were family members out of respect6.

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High poverty levels in rural areas and uncontrolled migration to the cities have led to a severe housing problem in the National Capital Region.

Towards an inclusive urban planning and practice.

Therefore, I will examine economic, socio-political, and environmental fac- tors, as my literature review identify these factors to be important in urban development. According to Berner and Porio and Crisolownership and a sense of stability in the home would lead to collective improvements of informal settlements. Even though my education in global studies and social anthropology has given me a general knowledge about the region, a lot of effort during my initial time in the Philippines was focused on understanding the political and social aspects of the country, and gaining first hand experience of living in the NCR.

In December there was a fire in the community of Legarda, after the fire the families of NML were prohibited from reconstructing their homes, facing another threat of relocation. To my surprise this was primarily not the case However, the river is now contributing to an intensification of flooding due to pollution such as trash blockages Agence France-Presse, If there are tensions within the NML, the PPHI might lose support as well as bridged social capital to other actors involved in the project.

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UPA understands the common belief in the NCR to be that these types of government investments would be wasted on the poor Inter- view 13, 17, Trying to revive toxic pasig river.

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