Capstone Project Course Syllabus. It includes project proposal, feasibility studies, intellectual property, teamwork, budget, schedule, and management, professional communications i. The project manager would then select 3 – 5 out of the 10 possible titles. Part of the role of IT is to apply research from the other computing disciplines. In Distributed Systems, S. Their duties and responsibilities include the following, but not limited to: The depth of IT lies in its breadth:

Major League Baseball venues. This is a very special course in the BSIT program. Major revisions shall be incorporated in the final copy of the revised Project Proposal summary. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. Right margins should be justified, not ragged. Revision of the scope may then be an option.

For subsections and sub subsections, a word like the or a is not capitalized unless it cebbu the first word of the header. The Dean assigns qualified and competent faculty members who will constitute the Oral Defense panel. Practice professionalism in carrying out task within a period of time. Private communications should be acknowledged, not referenced e.

Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this site. Project Working Title Form Title Page Oral Defense The Capstone Project includes project proposal, feasibility studies, intellectual property, teamwork, budget, schedule, management, professional communications i. Being able to predict how IT application is likely to change the user environment would help ensure successful design. Final Oral Defense Manuscript Capstlne file ii.


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capstone project university of cebu

Define a substantial engineering study or design task and carrying it to completion within a specified time and to a professional standard;4. The Proposal CD shall contain the following: Univversity should be numbered e. In Distributed Systems, S. Moreover, the Capstone Project is a way of determining whether students are ready to graduate.

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Major revisions shall be incorporated in the final copy of the revised Project Proposal summary. Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer.

capstone project university of cebu

See the top of this page for three addresses. Since many IT applications are designed for the user environment as it currently exists, such changes may undermine the ability of the application to meet the needs of users.

Approval Sheet may be routed too for their signatures if already amenable.

capstone project university of cebu

Part of the research contribution of IT will be to feed new questions and results back into the research streams on which IT is built. The two columns on the last page should be as close to equal length as possible.

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The Oral Defense panel shall be composed of the following: How about receiving a customized one? Research unique to IT will emerge from the practice of IT. It should be in the form of a systems application or an enterprise resource plan CMO 53 s. Student must reapply for another Hearing Notice Form from the Capstobe for Research if the Oral Defense is scheduled after the semester ends. System Analysis and Design 4. Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines. Lecture Method using the sequential logical presentation of topics and transitional in-depth treatment of the topics technique.


One implication of this characteristic is that a graduate of an IT program should be the first one to take responsibility to resolve a computing need, no matter what source or description of the problem, and what solution that is eventually adopted.

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Introduction The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology BSIT program prepares students to be IT professionals, be well versed on application installation, operation, development, maintenance and administration, and familiar with hardware installation, operation, and maintenance. The proposed computerized system may fall czpstone any of the following categories, but not limited to: We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

Project Working Title Form which will then indicate the universiy of the appropriate adviser as decided by the team of advisers together with the proponents.

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