Universities and employers accept Cambridge IGCSE Physical Education as proof that candidates have knowledge, skills and an understanding of a range of relevant physical activities. Syllabus aims and assessment objectives 4. Centres should always follow best practice in conducting practical activities. Explain the reason if a candidate is off form. Muscles are less efficient and eventually stop working; lactic acid is removed by breathing in more oxygen.

Identify certain countries and the sports they excel in. Factors which determine what people do during leisure time: Weighting of marks for the practical activities aO1: A candidate will demonstrate the following: Track and Field Athletics assessment: The knowledge gained should enable candidates to develop an understanding of effective and safe physical performance. What if my child has Asthma?

Less energy is produced than aerobic respiration, Excess lactic acid causes pain and fatigue.

This form must be submitted for external moderation if there are candidates who have been assessed in Track and Field Athletics. Local authority facilities normally own sports facilities but do not always run them.

The technical and phyzical nature of dance skills through the performance of short and complete dances. Our systems for managing the provision of international qualifications and education programmes for learners aged 5 to 19 are certified as meeting the internationally recognised standard for quality management, ISO Single-person chambers are also available.

Syllabus Cambridge IGCSE Physical Education Syllabus code 0413

Local authorities normally own sports facilities but do not always run them. Know about the different energy systems used during sports performance Learning aim B Know about the different energy systems used during sports performance Assessment criteria 2B.


cambridge igcse physical education coursework guidance booklet

Coursework The Coursework component requires candidates to offer a minimum of four practical activities from at least two of the seven categories. Cambridge Pre-U Cover Sheet: Olympic Games, Football World Cup. Therefore, every student should have the opportunity to participate in a quality More information. However, candidates should have an interest and enjoyment of taking part in physical practical activities.

Eastview’s Physical Education department is making More information. For complaints, use another form.

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In addition, candidates can be placed in physically demanding situations when taking part in practical activities. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Syllabus content Unit 3: Resources suit a variety of teaching methods in different international contexts. Middle School Statutory Authority: Candidates answer three structured questions, one from each of the three units they have studied. Detailed timetables are available from www. Planning, performing and evaluating Marks Description A candidate should demonstrate under applied conditions: Learn more at Excellence in education Our mission is physocal deliver courwework international education through the provision of high-quality curricula, assessment and services.

The uniform percentage mark is stated at syllabus level only. Main navigation To guidance all education of the teaching and learning process in Physical Education. Gym and studio environments are typically designed with More information. These will differ from activity to activity.


cambridge igcse physical education coursework guidance booklet

Simple treatment for the following: For example, in Basketball show the ability to dribble, pass and receive the ball, and perform different methods of scoring in an unopposed situation. This bolklet oxygen at the end of anaerobic exercise is called oxygen debt. Consider proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, water and fibre; why they are important in the diet, examples of sources in food, if and why they are useful sources of energy.

SYLLABUS. Cambridge IGCSE Physical Education. Cambridge Secondary 2

Students in grades 9 12 will demonstrate the ability to participate. Continuous training a method of training which requires participants to run, swim, cycle for set periods of time Advantages and disadvantages. Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing Unit 1: Facilities catering for different groups; identify the groups.

cambridge igcse physical education coursework guidance booklet

Physical recreation is any physical activity a person may choose to do during leisure time.

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