New Zealand is the 16th country to require such reporting. For example, a male and female employee or subordinate have file a complaint of each other, which side would you choose? You are commenting using your Google account. Men will often give the best-case scenario while women will give a more realistic one. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Uber and Amazon failed in China as they were not trying to understand local culture such as bargaining practises, more time for considering a purchase or even website in local language. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:

Human Resources for Health. Perception on something would determine how it is perceived and can be negative if influenced in a bad way such as prejudice on a dark-skin person as bad Wilkinson, Garand and Dunaway The conclusion also discusses BNZ’s efforts to implement ethnic diversity and accessibility initiatives. Last resort is to remove one of them or both and get a replacement. Hi Micholas, During my 2 years in the Philippines there was a case similar to what you described. Replacing is also a form of change. The appearance of this new leader is considered a change in the group.

Diversity in all simplicity means difference, both visible and non-visible Mullins The Journal of Perioperative Practice.

bnz diversity case study 2014

That way there is soft compromise and consideration given to the local team to understand your changes or ideas. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

bnz diversity case study 2014

A mentor is someone to talk to about advancement in career or issues with a piece of work, Ms Ash says, but a sponsor takes it a step further. As a direct action plan, we had to separate both of them diversoty different teams and departments so that the tension is eased.


September 25, Author: The Journal for Quality and Participation. The current place has a different set of culture which is more communist in nature.

Diversity delivers a distinct competitive advantage: Diversity case study | Ministry for Women

Therefore the team will not likely support the new leader unless the said leader proves his worth and earns trust and respect. Site map Accessibility About this site Copyright Privacy. Since coming home to Malaysia and to work for a mainland Chinese firm, it has been a culture shock for myself.

Different behaviours result from different beliefs Lawford The case was brought to HR and I was involved in the whole situation.

You are commenting using your Google account. This has been working fine for the last 15 to 18 years in the same manner.

Case Study: Diversity delivers a distinct competitive advantage – ATC Hub

Email required Address never made public. Yes, you are correct to state that a good leader should have a good team and able to support each other.

For example, equal treatment to all employees and punishment for failures similar to what they do in communist countries. This has a similar impact in organisations where diverse people are mixed together.

Theme 2 – The challenge of managing diverse teams

The Academy of Management Review. In many organisations, there exists challenges of historical discriminations, negative perceptions based on gender or race Patrick and Kumar Who are your role models in the legal profession? Hi Aaron, How would you manage a diverse team?


With that, fairness, 4V ethical leadership values Graceinclusiveness and acceptance is embraced. You are here Home Diversity delivers a distinct competitive advantage: Conclusion The end result of all these is teamwork through proper leadership style that encourages synergy Figure 6acceptance and inclusiveness Lawford She also supports Diverse NZ Inc, which works with leading Kiwi businesses to promote the business gains resulting from diverse leadership and diversity of thought.

bnz diversity case study 2014

South Asian Journal of Management. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Most of the diversity problems that Singtel faces are at the ground level and not much at the Board level as they are shareholders of the civersity. I wonder, how to be a good leader with someone does not even want to listen to me?

Diversity delivers a distinct competitive advantage: Diversity case study

Based on your opinion, what are some of the challenges that Singtel may face because of having such a diverse team?

Building the business case for gender and diversity in the workplace. You are 20014 using your Facebook account. There are a handful of role models who young women can look to in the legal profession.

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