It is very awkward. Now you have learned this, memorized these verses, these qualities but as now you enter the field of preaching, how does that help you to further cultivate and develop these qualities, this is a little discussion. Lord make me dance as you feel make me dance, let me talk or dance as you feel. So for senses or mind, it may be pleasing but use of intelligence now, matrvat para-daresu , my attitude is matrvat that is my mother. For this realisation we have to do sadhana throughout our life.

The highest grade between the two attempts shall be considered as your final grade for that MCQ. Intelligence, and above that is soul and super soul. So, who want to say? How does one become free from reactions while performing activities? Hare Krishna is God.

What to do with this world?

A kanistha low level devotee is one who loves God, but hates devotees. Mam evaisyasi, you will achieve Me. We cannot see beyond the wall.

Bhakti is pure and includes love with God and His Devotees

You boldly declare Krishna says. What do those 2 people think?

bhakti sastri homework

Getting His Sudarsana cakra ready. Ok so it was nice being with you, talking to you.

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And there was none other than Rupa goswami. What are the three important aspects of one’s relationship with a bona fide spiritual master? We do not surrender unto Krishna because lack of knowledge. You teach siksa, give them instructions of Krishna to them, bolo krsna, ask them to chant Hare Krsna, bhaja krsna, ask them to worship Krsna. If you are writing sasstri paper and scanning and sending, please see that size is less than 1 MB per attachment.


Online Bhakti Sastri -English

If hhomework dveshajealousy irshablasphemy ninda is done in the Hare Krishna temple, it becomes like the general world. So you have studied all these verses? Yeah so I mean first we encourage them to practice this devotional service high thinking aastri then they will give up the lower nature lower thinking. Devotee asking question about sikha and feeling sleepy in class Maharaj says It might be boring my presentation; you should tie your Shikha to the fan there and put it on, fan on Laughter.

He knows this is not right, no no no no but then one ends up doing that. Summarize the process of transmigration.

bhakti sastri homework

Ishwar gets prema, you love the Lord. But if you sastro from your mistake, then you become wise and experienced. Students should have access to the Internet.

bhakti sastri homework

This is the sum and substance of all instruction regarding the cultivation of devotional service. Explain the significance of the words “avidhi purvakam”.


To tal 4 categories and we deal with them differently. But he was neither penny-less he had wealth of the holy name and he was not friend less he had best friend with him that is Krishna and the holy name.

How big is the soul? It was in the mind of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and later on Caitanya Mahaprabhu found out the kutir xastri Rupa goswami He found a piece of paper maybe some leaf and that verse which He was thinking of was found He was surprise, how come, and who is it?

Why are pure devotees unconcerned with seeing the universal form? For the entire course: You should be able to explain or give little purport on each of these qualities and how to apply. And then, but He says those who preach they become very dear to Me.

Tolerant in provocative situation Free from false ego. Ok so just little glimpse of that mood, we were contemplating our attitude appropriate attitude of the preacher of Krishna Consciousness. How does one elevate his faith?

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