If you appreciate art, travel, Scandinavia, and budding artists — or if you still believe in the intrepid human spirit, consider supporting this project. My work explores the spirit of human exploration and the history of Arctic expeditions. Sillman calls the seminar the M. So I decided instead to do my presentation in the form of music videos and leave my voice out. In true Bard fashion, instead of responding, Marnie took notes.

As he moved from one cheap living situation to the next, he felt increasingly isolated. His committee consisted of video artist Sadie Benning, writer Berrigan, photographer Quinlan, and sculptors Shaver and Mark Wonsidler, all of whom talked a good deal. Kelly, who has been on the undergraduate faculty since and who chaired the M. Most of the students who are accepted are several years beyond their undergraduate studies; roughly half come from New York City and the other half from all over the world. At times like that, Bard was an organism, a boundary-less playground—and it felt like, together, we could figure it all out.

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The goal here was to be masters in our own disciplines and students in the others. I have the opportunity to spend three weeks in Svalbard, Norway for an artistic residency on board a barkentine sailboat as a resident in the Arctic Circle Residency. In studio visits, one female faculty member told him to stop making the porn collages.

bard mfa thesis show 2017

The number of these programs grows annually, driven by economic and social realities that have led educational institutions to seek out more flexible, cost-effective learning experiences. Generally, they are in their late 20s and 30s, with jobs, relationships, and already existing art practices. Many mention the lack of a shared vocabulary as a stumbling block; and, over the years, crib sheets and glossaries have been employed to make cross-disciplinary conversations easier.


If you believe the thing that somebody tells you in one hour, in all likelihood you are going to have an appointment with someone else two hours later who will give you a completely different take. I felt uncomfortable and intimidated; it was a sink-or-swim moment. Isolated from the outside world and its obligations, with students and teachers regularly crisscrossing between the same few buildings, people get to know one another quickly.

As he unpacked all that, his work became less hermetic and more ambitious. He had grown up in a small town outside of St.

Coe her second solo exhibition in New York, Sue Coe: Following his inaugural summer at Bard, Marnie went back to New York and embarked on his first independent study period. Moving Images by Minny Lee and lost, lost, lost: But my instinct was that he was a good guy. Like high school, it can be cliquish, and students have to withstand the pressure bad being constantly seen and talked about.

Then suddenly the real action began, and students started lining up around faculty members to schedule one-on-one appointments.

bard mfa thesis show 2017

He became a self-conscious artist in the best sense: Still, beyond the kvetching, something deeper resounds. He was also developing an entire lexicon bar punched sheetrock panels, often framed behind glass and assembled in boxes that sneered at minimalist decorum.


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Money tops the list. Most of these conversations are conducted over the course of three consecutive summers, during eight-week residencies in June and July. In August ofjust months after earning a B. Unlike other prominent M. Marnie describes the independent study as a soul adventure: The original works vary in size, medium and technique.

Even its adherents have complaints: Visual artists meet their committees for an hour or two in the UBS gallery in front of their work, and there is bare an element of ritual to the proceedings.

Toward the end offorced to vacate yet another studio, Marnie photographed the work he had on hand and decided to apply to M. One evening inCheyney Thompson, who has taught in the painting department sincegave a presentation that caused considerable consternation.

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The need for greater economic, racial and cultural diversity is not unique to Bard, but the lack of institutional wherewithal hinders its ability to make large-scale adjustments. Kelly, who has been on the undergraduate faculty since and who chaired the M.

There were orifices everywhere. Hailing from eight different theis, we employ photographic methodologies to challenge and investigate our intimate bonds and personal boundaries.

An opening reception will take place on Thursday, March 12 from 6—10 pm.

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