Even its adherents have complaints: Its interdisciplinarity is not trouble-free. Kelly, who has been on the undergraduate faculty since and who chaired the M. Bard is not for everyone. The opening reception is Sunday, July 22, from 2 to 5 p.

Marnie was still making collages with porn and still life motifs, but he had also begun plastering huge photographs of flowers on the wall, before ripping away at them, leaving large gashes behind. Toward the end of , forced to vacate yet another studio, Marnie photographed the work he had on hand and decided to apply to M. Bard MFA offers students the opportunity to receive cross-disciplinary feedback and a broader and deeper response from a community of artists, in contrast to the departmental approach favored by traditional MFA programs. Faculty pay is low. Detailed information is available at www. In my late 20s, I was rising in the Seattle art community and becoming increasingly skeptical about my own reputation.

Sillman, who herself graduated from the barx intold me: And though its tuition is half what Yale and Columbia charge, the program struggles to offer financial aid nearly everyone receives something but nobody gets a free ridewhich results in a less diverse, more indebted student body. Following his inaugural summer at Bard, Marnie went back to New York and embarked on his first independent study period.

Bard MFA Thesis Exhibition and Presentations, July

He became a self-conscious artist in the best sense: There, he had pasted a large colorful photograph of a vase of flowers and then torn parts of it away, flaying not just the image but the wall itself down to its studs.


Over the next week or two, faculty members were able to expand on their responses in one-on-one studio visits. thessi

bard mfa thesis show 2013

Skip to main content. That has not stopped the graduate committee from pursuing a more ground-level approach. For further information, visit the website www. During the winter months, students continue thrsis on independent projects related to their field of study.

bard mfa thesis show 2013

In studio visits, one female faculty member told him to stop making the porn collages. Art schools go through phases. Still, beyond the kvetching, something deeper resounds. The MFA candidates are: Money tops the list. As he unpacked all that, his work became less hermetic and more ambitious. Art December 10th, It was titled The Malcolm X Series. The painter Amy Sillman was instrumental in his decision to focus on Bard, in Annandale-on-Hudson, a few hours north of the city.

As teachers, we focus attention: His practice suffered and his debts mounted. Visual artists meet their committees for an hour or two in the UBS gallery in front of their work, and there is usually an element of ritual to the proceedings. His committee consisted of video artist Sadie Benning, writer Berrigan, photographer Quinlan, and sculptors Shaver and Mark Wonsidler, all of whom talked a good deal.


The need for greater economic, racial and cultural diversity is not unique to Bard, but the lack of institutional wherewithal hinders its ability to make large-scale adjustments. There were orifices everywhere. Like high school, it can be cliquish, and students have to withstand the pressure of being constantly seen and talked bzrd. But my instinct was that he was a good guy.

Our view is that knowledge is infinite and infinitely capable of new combinations. Photo by Erica Leone.

When he returned to Bard inthe parameters of his work were expanding. Most of these conversations are conducted over the course of three consecutive summers, during eight-week residencies in June and July.

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For the next several years, like many young artists, he supported himself with a string of odd jobs: Generally, they are in their late 20s and 30s, with jobs, relationships, and already existing art practices. It was easy to pick out the new students: Bard is not for snow.

But Kelly, who had close ties to the North Carolina school, perceived its limitations: As Taylor Davis, who earned an M.

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