International Rice Genome Sequencing Project [http: PCS conceived, coordinated and supervised the study. Genome Res , Further, if the user wants to design primers for PCR amplification of the desired microsatellite locus, the database also provides bp upstream and downstream regions of all the microsatellite loci. The database also provides a useful resource for mapping and related data pertaining to major cotton microsatellite projects [12].

After writing, provided docs are also checked on various quality parameters. Journal of Pipelines, 7, 15— We also acknowledge the technical support received from Mr. The primary contributor to loss at a bend is believed at the bend outlet. Throughout the ordeal, Glenn tried to remain calm as his vitals were being broadcast to the nation. Two distinct modes of microsatellite mutation processes:

Figure 3 displays the user interface for searching microsatellites by using one or more of the above-mentioned basic parameters. High tandem repeat content in the genome of the short-lived annual fish Nothobranchius furzeri: Survey of simple sequence repeats in completed fungal genomes.

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Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. EuMicroSatdb is a platform independent relational database. Occurrence of simple sequence repeats in potato ESTs is not random: For instance, they were re-using the brown paper bags that were given at grocery stores, but when plastic bags appeared, they started to throw them away.

Results indicate that the models of Schuchart and Rossetti predict larger pressure drops in the dense-phase regime than in the dilute-phase regime, which contradicts experimen- Fig.


Microsatellites have immense utility as molecular ersearch in different fields like genome characterization and mapping, phylogeny and evolutionary biology. An accurate estimation of the minimum transport boundary materials through pipelines with the help of air or other non- i. Comp Funct Genomics4: Experimental analysis of particle velocity and acceleration in vertical dilute phase pneumatic conveying.

atul sharma research paper on ftp

In Proceedings of the 13th powder and bulk solids conference ders. Since microsatellite show varying levels of cross amplification among related genomes, microsatellites from the genomes included in the present database can be exploited for developing markers in the related species where sufficient STMS markers are still not shharma.

Availability and requirements EuMicroSatdb is a platform independent relational database publicly available at http: Webster made me feel as though I was there inalongside Niko and his family, trying to survive the war that ravaged the country. The search options are further explained with the help of some case studies given in a power point tutorial available on the database.

Figure describing methodology used for preparation of backend codes used in the preparation of files in the database and front end the web interface of the database.

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This database also stores data on polymorphism status of different microsatellite loci. User can search for perfect repeats, compound perfect repeats and microsatellite clusters.


With the whole genome sequencing initiatives of various eukaryotic organisms, large amount of genomic sequence data has accumulated over the last few years. Figure2 Architecture of EuMicroSatdb.

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Microsatellites, also called sharam simple sequence repeats SSRs or simple tandem repeats STRs are ubiquitous component of eukaryotic genomes. Sub-databases were constructed for individual genomes by importing all data files as tables, each representing one chromosome.

atul sharma research paper on ftp

The user can extract the position of the microsatellite on the chromosome and thus. Debaryomyces hansenii Genolevures 2 Release 2, May Genolevures http: In conclusion, existing microsatellite databases either are very specific in their content and application or have limited utility to a wider audience.

Particulate Science fp Technology, 20, — Zur berechnung der horinentalen pneumatischen forderung 2, — In silico Biol7: University of Wollongong Doctoral dissertation. Principles of hydraulic and pneumatic conveying in pipes.

Schematic of the 69 mm I. Preference of simple sequence repeats desearch coding and non coding regions of Arabidopsis thaliana. Mol Genet Genomics

atul sharma research paper on ftp

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