Whilst exploiting the welcome refuge from the urban routine that seaside trips awarded its visitors, the different cliques and classes still elected to bring along their own familiar fashions, tastes and traits, which helped define stereotypical behaviour. With this in mind, contests between travelling brass bands performing classical pieces were organised, to focus attentions on friendly competition. This year seems to have gone so fast! I barely have any assignments left, and despite all my grumblings I think I might actually miss them! Doing it the Open Way. February 11, Date written:

With the lead character only ever referred to as Mod Kid in the album story booklet and cover notes it may be written from an individual point of view but can be related to by many teenagers suffering the same anxieties as the subject has no definitive identity Danson Brown, , pp. Here you can buy example essays, assignments, coursework, papers, and dissertations to help guide and support your studies. December 31, Date written: A PayPal account is not nessesary. November 27, Date written: So this is our longest assignment so far, we have 2, words for this one, and the choice of three questions:

AA100 The arts past and present

Essay writing articles About essayzone. Life at the Seaside: November 27, Date written: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Newer Post Older Post Home. February 11, Date written: This means that the album not only concentrates on the group experience of the Mods and fans of The Who but also allows a parallel concentration on the experience of the individual, be that the subject or the listener putting themselves in place of the subject. University of Exeter Press.


This is why I think having supportive friends and family are vital when studying from home… for example, the other night, when I was having a Benin-related meltdown, my auntie sat down with me and helped me map out the essay.

TMA 04 Assess the degree to which the Christian Evangelical movement can be understood as a dissenting force or reassertion of tradition within English Christianity? I was just lucky that I had my little holiday in Wales, I could spend the rainy afternoons typing away.

An exploration of Seaside art – from The Open University module AA | Tales from The Hobo

It is written from the perspective of a lone young man trying to establish his fit within a specific widely identifiable social group, the Mods, yet as an album it is written to appeal to the masses. This is another longish one, words. You are commenting using your WordPress. AA Illustration Book 2,p. Believed to be dangerous without the aeaside supervision of skilled staff, called Dippers, from modesty preserving beachfront covered wagons, called Bathing Machines, the cold water shock to the skin, nerves and internal organs was carefully regulated and costly, the sraside of the high-society set, the sickly well-to-do.

Mod Speed: The seaside – codes, behaviour and class.

The record memorialises a particular moment in time when […] The Who embodied the style and aspirations of their youthful following. Technology And The Seaside: Illustrate your answer with two or three examples drawn from the study materials.

aa100 seaside essay

It seems to have worked so far! Quadrophenia was written inthis was a few years later than the clash between the two gangs in Margate and Brighton but it is certainly intrinsic with this period of social history.


It is a lyrical story following a teenage boy struggling with mental illness as he becomes disillusioned and disappointed with various aspects of his life. TMA 05 Discuss how views about the Benin plaques have changed, and how this has been reflected in their presentation in museums.

Traditional brash behaviour, drinking, partying and fighting, that when taken to the seaside, taken on as100, became even brasher.

Discuss with reference to no more seasidde four examples. Discuss with reference to three of four examples of seaside activities considered in Book 4, including at least one taken from the ancient world.

It is a panoramic view of many groups of social strata and a fabulous representation of life as it happened. To distinguish this knowledge from the knowledge they learned on their bosses’ behalf, they called it “really useful knowledge”. You are commenting using your Facebook account. It was the third and final one for AA, and I have to say I found it quite disappointing.

aa100 seaside essay

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here September 14, Date written: From s onwards there was a tension between the two main market sectors that developed at the Victorian seaside: Ramsgate Sands was painted in and was subsequently bought by Queen Victoria. With the increase of accessibility due to improvements in rail travel the mix of social classes now frequenting seaside resorts was growing.

Attempts were made to segregate the social divisions in some venues.

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